The Virtual Race

Patrick and Kimberly are engaged and live together in Princeton, New Jersey. They met through a mutual friend and were good friends for five years before getting into a serious relationship, and they became engaged five years later. Most of the time they get along very well; however, they are both strong-willed and that has led to some friction over the years.

Both Patrick and Kimberly work in the field of information technology. Patrick designs systems for a major pharmaceutical company, plays bass guitar in a surf music band, and describes himself as "funny, intelligent, creative, but mostly an optimist." He says Kimberly is the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Kimberly is a system analyst at Princeton University. She considers herself "friendly, emotional, and compassionate," and says that while she comes across as nice and a bit of a pushover, she really has a tough streak underneath. She credits this toughness for getting her through the chemotherapy and other medical treatments she needed for her lupus.

Patrick and Kimberly have been consummate fans of the Race since the first season, and they want to "take this experience for all that it's worth." Their primary motivation for doing THE AMAZING RACE is to travel around the world together and meet Phil.