10.1 - Real Fast, Quack Quack

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10.1 - Real Fast, Quack Quack

Postby Rachel RSL on Sun Sep 17, 2006 7:28 pm

Happy TARsday!
Rachel RSL
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Has no patience for morons
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Postby Big Slick on Sun Sep 17, 2006 8:48 pm

I think this season should be entitled, TAR: "Oh, Honey" Service.
As in the public service I think should be provided to certain delusional women in which someone with actual gaydar goes up to them and says, "Oh, honey . . . "

For the "the gays beat us" chicks, I paraphrase Mommie Dearest: We are bigger, we are faster, and we will always win.

Apparently it's homo night for Big Slick (oh, when is it not?)!
Big Slick
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Postby yikes on Sun Sep 17, 2006 8:59 pm

The Double Elim: Cruel. Evil. Blindsiding. And I love every freakin' MOMENT of it.

Liked the Roadblock, liked the Detour (though it was one sided), loved the "Want to get to the Pit Stop? Climb up the wall, suckers!" Love Phil. (Well, that's a given.)

And I did say "OH SHIT!" to the horses. This season's camels?

Man, December can't come fast enough.
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Postby rockhpi on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:07 pm

Hmm...I have to say there's no one I'm rooting against. There were a couple of teams up front that I thought I wouldn't like but none of them crossed the line.

I was a bit worried that the first task was going to be a gorging task but I think the fish-eye eating was OK. I really was happy for the Alabama ladies when they made it up the wall.

How do we feel about taking advantage of the "special needs get on the plane first" policy when you're able to run a triathlon? My dad has a handicapped parking tag because of his wife but he'll use it when he's on his own sometimes and I think it's a little skanky.

And maybe as we get to spend more time with them, this will change, but the triathletes seem to speak in nothing but phrases from a motivational seminar. I was happy when she made it up the wall though because that looked particularly difficult for that metal foot.
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Postby Giuseppe on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:08 pm

Not sure if I liked the early elimination. Seemed...weird. Seemed kinda pointless to start with 12 teams. *shrugs*

I wasn't into the first half hour or so, and was a little disappointed to see the eyeball eating challenge, but everything after that I LOVED. The bricklaying tripped up a lot of teams and I was happy to see that the other detour would require a little skill other than fake your way through a routine. Also, climbing the wall to the pit stop was way cruel, but genius! I think I can see the new challenge producer's influence.

Too bad Vipul and Arti were last. I liked them and was hoping they'd make it far. Good start so far.
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Postby drewfidelic on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:10 pm

An opening episode with a detour and a roadblock? Nice change. This seemed like less of an opening episode than a mid-race episode (except for the number of teams) based on the structure of the leg.

But the midway elimination? That's got to suck to get on the Race and not even make it through the first leg. It will stress the teams out more, even if this is the only time that an elimination point is not at pitstop mat.

The fish eye eating challenge is the right way to do an eating challenge. It's a commonly eaten local food that is out of the norm for Americans and could present a challenge-- not because of volume, but because it's slimy and weird.

And climbing the wall to the pit stop? That's a Great Wall for keeping out invaders.

Cheerleaders and beauty queens? Thank you WRP casting! :)
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Postby vinzanity on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:12 pm

That's why there were 12 teams this season... did Duke and Lauren come in 2nd? Didn't see that coming... and how about Peter and Sarah coming in 3rd... hopefully they can keep it up.
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Postby rockhpi on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:13 pm

Well, I was doing a little math at the start when there were 12 teams and Phil said "8 elimination points". Would one of the surprises be a 4-team final leg? Then the early elimination answered that.
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Postby corkystclair on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:14 pm

After tonight's episode, I can't wait to see what other surprises Phil has up his sleeve (because god knows there's no room in his pants).

As predicted, big backpacks = early elimination. Poor Vipul and Arti - I really liked them. I wouldn't have imagined that Tom and Jerry and the Cheerleaders would have completed the tai chi-esque (forgive me - can't remember the name) detour even before Vipul and Arti finished "labor."

For the first time in, like, ever, I am not hating on the pretty boy team. In fact, I really like them. I think they won me over during the "get to know us" sequence when they mocked their own modeling poses.

As for Sarah pre-boarding the plane, I'm fine with that. I'm not sure it gives her so much more of an advantage that it makes it unfair. And, if her leg keeps leaking hydraulic fluid, making running twice as difficult, she may be at an even greater disadvantage than all the other teams. To me, the preboarding advantage is no different than speaking a foreign language or knowing a city's streets well.

There are only a few teams I'm not so keen on, but for the most part, this is a great cast. Totally rooting for Lyn and Karlyn to win. Big surprise, I know, but I cried when they and Mary scaled that wall - which, I agree with Giuseppe, was a genius move right before the Pit Stop. Imagine the sense of accomplishment...

The fish eyes Roadblock wasn't as horrible as I imagined - this time they managed not to cross over into Fear Factor territory with the eating challenge. Local delicacy in small amounts works for TAR.

This season has already started out balls to the wall! (In Tom's case, quite literally...) Woo hoo!
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Postby racewalker on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:19 pm

Good Start. The find the needle in haystack challenges were eliminated. It was interesting most teams did the labor rather than leisure. Taxis seemed to be the turning point again. Even the Motorcycle driver got lost. Climbing the wall proved very physical and was amazed that all the teams made it. When the wall climbing was initially described, I though they would be using an accender. The rope ladder was really different. Mid leg elimantion was a real shocker.
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Postby leew261 on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:20 pm

Awww heck, my early favorites, Vipul and Arti, were eliminated. Don't know who I'm going to root for from here on -- so many of the teams were grating on my nerves, although none more than David and Mary -- good grief, please let them be eliminated next!

I saw that early elimination coming from a mile away.
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Postby Hildy on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:20 pm

Well, for the most part, I really enjoyed those teams. The one exception is the male models, who were so full of themselves as to be overflowing their ego vessels. Plus, way too vapid and pretty for me. I actually preferred Duke.
Love the single moms; Pegleg Sarah is quite amazing physically but I can't decide whether her boyfriend is controlling or supportive or both; the beauty queens were refreshingly strong and smart; the coalminer wife needs to lighten the f up but I still like them as a couple; the NYC boys (I'm sorry, I don't have the names down yet) look like two little short haired Richard Simmonses but I really liked them in spite of this genetic challenge; Erwin and Godwin have already overcome much adversity as a result of their names and so I wish them well, and besides, one has great cannons; and I don't care about the cheerleaders quite yet.

Edit: that was a very unfortunate shirt choice for Phil. That wrinkly fabric just made his shoulders appear narrower than they are, and reanimated the man-boob whispers. Plus, those jeans were waaaay too urban and machine faded. I love Phil in the high collar'ed jackets and studlier pants than that that are nut bunch favorable.
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Postby DariaG on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:21 pm

I liked Vipul and Arti and wish they could have stayed longer. Bilal and Saeed looked like they'd be interesting, so I was sad to see them go, too.

At this point, my choice for next to go is Kimberly and Rob. How many times have we seen bickering couples on this show? They're nothing new.

I was suprised at how much I like Eric and Jeremy 2.0, though. They seem reasonably bright, likable, and unsleazy, unlike Eric and Jeremy the originals.

I guess my favorite teams are the brothers and the beauty queens. If Dustin and Candice weren't beautiful, I think there'd be no reason to dislike them at this point. So I'm not going to hold their prettiness against them. And Erwin and Godwin seemed like nice guys, period. They pass the "would like to have as neighbors" test.

Duke needs to get over his misgivings about Lauren. Then I'll like him.

I have a friend who walks with a brace due to a birth defect, and some of her abilities and difficulties surprise me. So I'm going to not call out Sarah and Peter on getting preboarding on the airplane. It didn't give them an unfair advantage that I could see.

This may sound weird, but I liked the pacing, which I usually don't with first episodes. I felt like each team got a reasonable amount of screen time, we saw lots of action, and there wasn't too much filler. (Yeah, okay, Thrifty car rental is a sponsor. Don't beat us over the head with it.)

Overall, this was one of the better first episodes I've seen.
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Postby PatentlyTAR on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:22 pm

I have to agree that this was an excellent start. I was sorry to see two teams that were so interesting eliminated so early. It would have been really cool to see Vipul in India, if that is a leg. Also, it would have been interesting to see if the mandatory five times a day prayer in Islam would have presented any difficulties (I must admit that I don't know how flexible the times are). Too bad these teams are gone. All the rest of the teams are okay and from an eye candy point of view, I like cheerleaders and pageant queens, but did we need two such teams? Great show tonight.
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Postby vinzanity on Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:22 pm

David and Mary's accents are gonna ruin the show... reminds me of lake (from season 9) x2 all over again.
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