Episode 7-11 5 Continents, 25 Cities and More Than 40,000 Mi

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Episode 7-11 5 Continents, 25 Cities and More Than 40,000 Mi

Postby leew261 on Tue May 10, 2005 10:04 pm

My pre-race comment:

At first glance, not a very appealing lot. The only team that stands out as a favorite for me is Uchenna (what a name!) and Joyce.


The good karma from the hair cutting worked! Wooooo hooooo!!!
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Postby mr mojo on Tue May 10, 2005 10:09 pm

Go U&J!

mr mojo
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Postby yikes on Tue May 10, 2005 10:11 pm

Damn, to be at TARcon now.
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Postby Rachel RSL on Tue May 10, 2005 10:12 pm

Woooo! What a finish!!

*does the happy Romber Lost dance**

They need to NEVER have another non-elim in the final leg if they continue with the money penalty. It gives the other teams a much greater advantage than in any other leg because the final leg is when you need all your money to bribe people. If U & J had lost because they couldn't pay the cab driver, I think my head would have exploded.
Rachel RSL
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Has no patience for morons
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Postby Hildy on Tue May 10, 2005 10:16 pm

While I am very happy that U and J won, there's a tiny conspiracy theorist in me wondering just what happened to get U and J onto that plane. The doors were closed and the ramp was pulled back. I'm not buying it an act of God. More like an act of production.
Just my opinion--YMMV.

Edit: Totally agree, Rachel. NEL on the last leg when begging is in place suuuuucked. I know it helped with the whole 'karma/luck/blessing' storyline they had going on, but I hated it.
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Postby mr mojo on Tue May 10, 2005 10:16 pm

The begging in this episode SUCKED. Hardly anyone would contribute to the U&J fund, and I know they both felt humiliated by it. Uchenna was nice to embarrass himself for his wife.

And in stark contrast to last season, American Airlines was the hero and not the villain of the episode. I can't believe they held up the plane for them, but they did it.
mr mojo
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Postby Mama Tiger on Tue May 10, 2005 10:24 pm


I hope we hear the story behind the plane reopening, however. My guess is that Uchenna & Joyce did some serious begging with the airline personnel, who had to get the pilot's permission to reopen the flight. And since the pilot probably already knew he had one Race team on board, I'm sure he was just doing his part to restore his airline's good name amongst Race fans, after the way Kris & Jon got screwed by American last season!

That was some truly awful facial hair the brothers were sporting at the finish line. They looked like they were trying out for the part of the bandito in some bad Western!

I screamed loud enough to scare my dogs, but I can still hear the pandemonium at MSG ringing in my ears!
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Postby Fukui San on Tue May 10, 2005 10:50 pm

Thank God.

I'm so glad the quasi spoiler story was correct. Apparently someone placed large bets on Uchenna & Joyce before the airing of the show.

Now I need to light a victory cigar.
Fukui San
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Postby GinevradiBenci on Tue May 10, 2005 11:02 pm

Dude! What a tense ending. Once Ron and Kelly fell behind, I knew I'd be happy with either remaining team winning, so it was a win/win for me. Congrats, Uchenner and Joyce!
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Postby cutecouple on Tue May 10, 2005 11:12 pm

I'm wondering if all those bets were placed from New England.

Regardless, I'm happy at the outcome. All three teams raced well; Rob and Amber usually had things under control. Except here. As even they said, luck plays an important role in the race.

It's annoying to see the multiple bunching, but I think that the producers were trying everything they could to get a close finish. It was cool to see the teams exchange leads. It was sad that Kelly chose the worst possible time to get a handle on their relationship. And what were they doing in their car while waiting for the factory to open?

And, in the midst of this, in Minneapolis, there was an airplane collision on the ground. Apparently, it was a slow one at the gate. It took us a little out of the moment at the local TARcon.

Much congratulations to Uchenna and Joyce.
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Postby MacMadame on Wed May 11, 2005 1:07 am

Hildy wrote:While I am very happy that U and J won, there's a tiny conspiracy theorist in me wondering just what happened to get U and J onto that plane. The doors were closed and the ramp was pulled back. I'm not buying it an act of God. More like an act of production.

And here I told Mr Mac when that happened that it would silence the conspiracy theorists!

God that Kelly is a piece of work and Ron isn't much better. He was totally right that the race isn't the place to work out your relationship. Plus she tells him to shut up and that's okay but he tells her to shut up and she has a hissy fit. Too bad he was such as ass that I had trouble feeling sorry for him.

I didn't care whether Romber won or Joyce & Uchenna so once Kelly and Ron missed the plane, it was all good for me. I liked how they fixed it so that the first person off the plane didn't automatically win as has happened for every finale I've seen. But it's kind of cool that Romber didn't get another million. I like to spread out the wealth.

I see Patrick is still a little prick though.
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Postby AnneH on Wed May 11, 2005 6:22 am

Nice to see that the nice guys don't always finish last.

What kind of idiots break up on national TV during the finale of a race? Strange priorities.
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Postby FrankTheTank on Wed May 11, 2005 7:48 am

A solid ending to a solid season. I'm glad the betting spoiler was right, and not the latest one from TWoP. Some guy on TWoP last week was saying he knew Romber would win, and by a big margin. I thought that was going to be the case when they got that flight and U/J missed it. Congrats to U/J though! After an off season, we're back to a team that deserves it and most fans are satisfied with. I have no idea how they got that plane to let them on, but I really doubt production was responsible. That would be a huge no-no, and I don't think they'd take that risk to make it a close finish, especially since it could've cost their beloved fame-whore couple the win, which it did.

Kelly really laid it out there for Ron in this episode. I don't think she's a bad person, and wasn't much worse than Hayden or Flo (except for the "piece of trash redneck" comment), but hopefully she learned a lot from watching herself this season. I'm curious to hear how long their relationship lasted after they got back, my guess is not too long. Ron did a pretty good job keeping his cool this episode, and in the last few too. He really had to with her stressing out and not laying off of him on these last few legs. He didn't handle it perfectly, but he didn't explode on her like J-hole would've. Her nagging was obviously an anchor for them, and if they had won, I would have to say Ron is as strong a racer as there's been on the show, though far from the smartest.

Romber ran a strong race, they just ran out of their good luck at the end. I loved it when he thought he found the cigar place, then realized it was Tire King!! And how the hell did they catch up to R/K and U/J on the way to the San Juan Airport? It seemed like they got to the tollbooth just a minute or 2 after them, but Amber hadn't gotten to the jump until the other 2 were nearly finished. Rob must've been hauling some serious ass in the SUV. And note to Uchenna and especially Ron: go to the shortest lane when you get to a tollbooth!!! It looked like Ron jumped in the longest and slowest lane, and it cost them a shot at the million.

I thought it was pretty sad when you saw Patrick at the end praying for it to be Uchenna and Joyce. Get over it man. I didn't want Romber to win either, but they deserved it more than everyone but U/J. And the mugging on the penultimate leg was really brutal. But U/J overcame it, so it doesn't look too bad. I would've been really mad though if U/J lost because they couldn't pay for that cab at the end. Uchenna was a man for not running away when they got there, but sticking around to beg for the money. I would be really curious to see what Rob would've done in that situation.
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Postby DariaG on Wed May 11, 2005 7:50 am

That feel-good ending speech could only have come from Uchenna and Joyce. Romber would have been "aren't we great?" and R/K would have been . . . weird somehow, being that the two of them are on different planets.

They should definitely not have the begging going into the final leg. I do think U/J would have taken off running had Romber pulled up (and I think editing made Romber look closer than they were), but I admire U/J for trying to pay the cabbie while they could.

As for the pilot holding the plane, this will give the conspiracy theorists something to complain about. With the tight regulation of these shows, I don't think production could have intervened. But if it were possible, this would have been the time to do it, because otherwise the show would have had an anti-climactic final half hour showing Romber doing the last tasks and winning. Production needs at least two contending teams at the end. Yet this holding of the plane is the type of thing that happened for Romber again and again and again, so who's to say that it's weird that it happened for U/J?

I wish someone had done the horse Detour, but I understand why no one did. If they ever go back to Jamaica, that should be a Roadblock. And I do think WRP has tried to force teams to do certain tasks, most notoriously the head shaving, which I believe was an unchosen Detour option in TAR1, as well as a rejected FF in TAR5.

What I didn't like about the whole season was the extra focus on Romber. I didn't watch Survivor, I didn't care about them, I found them to be obnoxious, and I wanted more time and attention given to other teams. The U/J win partly made up for it, but I'm still not sure about transferring this season from tape to DVD. I probably will eventually, but not right away -- I need to give this show a rest.
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Postby FrankTheTank on Wed May 11, 2005 7:53 am

cutecouple wrote:I'm wondering if all those bets were placed from New England.

I think it said that some were from Mass. and some were from the LA area.
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