13.1 - Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This!

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Re: 13.1 - Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This!

Postby evening on Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:15 pm

Djeber better articulated what I was thinking... I found myself continually distracted which never happened with TAR in the past.... I paused my DVR a few times to do other things....

Rewatched and it grew on me. I like the San Diego guys (who were one of the teams who said "abrigado" by the way) but dont think they've got winner potential. As one who travels a lot and knows you have to make do - I dont have a problem with people speaking Spanish if they dont know Portuguese. Its closer than English! The blonde (Tina?) didnt seem to know they speak Portuguese, but I think some of the others did. It is interesting that she said "you were supposed to learn the Spanish" as if they divied up languages to learn basic phrases.

I resort to French when I'm at a loss in Spanish and sometimes it works.

I wonder how many other languages Sarah has up her sleeve?
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Re: 13.1 - Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This!

Postby buckybacker on Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:38 pm

Been awhile - good to be back.

rockhpi wrote:I thought the first task (candy-pushing) was sort of ho-hum (back in MY day the first task was to run out in front of VICTORIA FREAKIN' FALLS and now they're pushing candy trolleys.)

Nicely said.

macaddict wrote:This episode was an excellent argument for a two-hour season opener. The edit seemed especially rushed this year.


djeber wrote:Anyway, I think the luster on this show is finally wearing off for me. I found myself distracted through the whole first episode and only half paying attention. No team particularly stood out to me, and I didn't really get involved until the rope climb.

I've been in this boat since TAR 12. Just can't really get into the show as easily. My wife had to wake me up for the last six teams crossing the finish line.

emjaytee wrote:For some reason, I just love that first scramble to the airport. I can't say why. It's just all kinds of chaos and the teams realizing they're actually ON the Race that gets me.

Me too - everyone like, "wow, here we are! How'd this happen?" is always fun to watch.

Hippies gone? Someone forgot to tell them that pacing themselves isn't the best tactics when you are coming into places last to begin with. But then again, I'd rather be on TAR and be out on episode 1 than not on at all.

LA Coliseum was cool starting point. Seeing all the vintage cars being passed on the freeway, not so much. And agreed with figure out where Park Frickin' One is! If you have done any research on the show, they've proven that's the place to park!

Agreed with the creepiness factor between Mom and Son. Same with Nick and Starr. I haven't seen siblings this close since Blake and Paige, and you know what they said about those two. Though it might be fact that we have someone from a New York musical and a cheerleader together. But it still creeps me out.

I'd write more but I was asleep - gotta check the DVR sometime.

Has anyone compared notes between filming dates of TAR 13's run in Brazil and the Brazilian version of TAR?
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Re: 13.1 - Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This!

Postby miri on Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:49 pm

Just re-watched this since I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention last week.

I really wanted to hate Nick and Starr, but found I couldn't. They were smart, polite and up-beat but not cheerleader up-beat. I loved that they stopped and re-read the clue to find the cargo net properly - they moved up three places thanks to that one little bit of "wait, what do we do?" And I loved how excited they were when they read "pit stop" on the last clue.

I like Mark and Bill, but I was worried at how long they appeared to decide on a detour. They are going to have to work on their snappy decision skills. And why are they wearing long sleeves all the time?

Terence, who makes his living coaching runners, telling Sarah to not outrun him all the time just cracked me up. Why to show your lack of self-confidence and neediness on national TV!
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