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Puente de Ixtla, Mexico to Tulum, Mexico

Wednesday August 14, 2002

The teams depart from Hacienda San Gabriel de Las Palmas (near Xoxocotla on this map) as follows:

1) Ken/Gerard at 10:36pm (Tuesday)
2) Flo/Zach at 1:09am
3) Aaron/Arianne at 1:11
4) Michael/Kathy at 1:33
5) JVJ at 1:35
6) Heave at 2:16
7) Dennis/Andrew at 3:29
8) Teri/Ian at 3:33
9) Andre/Damon at 4:12 [3 minutes late]
10) Tramel/Talicia at 4:28
11) Derek/Drew at 4:37

First clue: “Drive yourselves to Teotihuacán. Find the Avenue of the Dead and you’ll find your next clue -- at the top of the Pyramid of The Sun. Hours of operation: 7:00am to 6:00pm. You have $360 for this leg of the race.” Teams choose vans for their drive, and Phil says it’s a 133 mile journey -- Teotihuacán is just north of Mexico City (see map above).

Teams also get this clue: “To claim the Fast Forward, fly with the Voladores.” They are located at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (map); once teams find them they must climb a 100' foot pole, then hang from a rope by their feet and spin around the pole as they are slowly lowered back to the ground. Derek/Drew, thinking they cannot reach the pyramid by 7:00, go for the Fast Forward and win it. They get this clue: “Go directly to the next pit stop: The Diamante K Bungalows in Tulum.” A map is here; it’s located about 80 miles south of Cancun.

Meanwhile, Ken/Gerard and Heave are the first two teams to reach Teotihuacán (map of grounds). Flo/Zach, Aaron/Arianne, Michael/Kathy, and JVJ arrive together after what Zach describes as a 5-hour ordeal i.e., at about 6:00am. (It’s still dark, and sunrise was at about 7:15am.) The remaining teams arrive after 7:00, as follows: 7) Andre/Damon [who say they made up two hours when they see the next two teams arriving -- huh?]; 8) Dennis/Andrew; 9) Teri/Ian; 10) Tramel/Talicia.

Next clue: “It’s time to hit the road. The next clue is far away: San Marino Marina, Cancun. Travel from Mexico City to Cancun [by bus].” Extra info: “You must catch a bus at the TAPO bus station.” It’s about a 25-30 mile drive back to Mexico City, then a 1,200 mile bus ride to Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula (map of Mexico).

The lead group of teams arrives at the bus station shortly before 10:00am (so they burned a lot of time there -- it’s a short drive and per Andrew there were no unshown tasks at the pyramid). There are two buses to Cancun:

1st bus, departing at 10:00am and arriving about 10:00am the next day: 1) JVJ, 2) Ken/Gerard, 3) Aaron/Arianne, 4) Flo/Zach, 5) Michael/Kathy, 6) Heave (who cry their way on)

2nd bus, departing at 1:30pm and arriving (after an accident) at about 1:00pm the next day: 7) Andre/Damon (who just miss the first bus), 8) Dennis/Andrew, 9) Teri/Ian, 10) Derek/Drew (who also have to take the bus), 11) Tramel/Talicia.

Both buses are ADO, which per the current schedule now has 10:00am and 1:00pm buses -- both of which take nearly 25 hours. The sometimes-misleading CBS web site says the second bus arrived as the first teams were departing on the ferry -- which would be about 1:00 (see below).

Thursday August 15, 2002

When they arrive at the Cancun bus station, Derek/Drew take a jeep and drive themselves to the pit stop, while all of the other teams take taxis to the San Marino Marina. Here’s a nice map of Cancun showing the bus station and marshy lagoon; this map shows the marina’s location at the top left.

When they arrive they find a Detour: Manpower or Horsepower? The teams must choose a way to find their next clue in Nichupte Lagoon. In Manpower, they choose a kayak and search a smaller area for a clue hanging from a tree. In Horsepower, they choose a waverunner and search a much larger area for a clue on a buoy. A map shows the racers the search areas; in this satellite image, the Marina is roughly at the top center, the Manpower area is the marshy inlet below it, and the Horsepower area is the part of the open lagoon that’s visible.

Aaron/Arianne, Flo/Zach, Heave, Andre/Damon, Teri/Ian, Tramel/Talicia, and Dennis/Andrew choose Horsepower. Michael/Kathy, Ken/Gerard, and JVJ choose Manpower (but after 1:23 of fruitless searching, JVJ switch to Horsepower).

Teams get their next clue in the following order: 1) Flo/Zach, 2) Ken/Gerard, 3) Aaron/Arianne, 4) Heave, 5) Michael/Kathy, 6) JVJ, 7) Dennis/Andrew, 8) Andre/Damon, 9) Teri/Ian, 10) Tramel/Talicia. It reads: “Get yourselves to Chankanab on the Island of Cozumel.” Phil adds that they must first return their watercraft to Las Vilas Beach (shown as Club Las Velas on this map; it’s near San Marino), then choose a jeep and drive it 43 miles (per CBS) to reach the ferry to Cozumel. They are heading to Playa del Carmen (map). Ken/Gerard lose a little time getting to their jeep, and drive off in 5th place.

Per this schedule, the ferries currently run almost every hour on the hour between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel -- except there is no 2:00 ferry nowadays. (There are also ferries to Cozumel from Puerto Morales further north, but they are car ferries that run much less frequently.) There are actually two ferry lines between Playa and Cozumel, but for some reason they operate on the same schedule and leave only minutes apart. The teams buy tickets at the Barcos Mexico booth. The ferries take about 45 minutes to cross, and the teams travel as follows:

* 1st ferry (departing at 1:00, arriving at about 1:45): 1) Flo/Zach, 2) Aaron/Arianne, 3) Heave, 4) Michael/Kathy

* 2nd ferry (2:00): 5) Ken/Gerard, who just miss the 1:00 [assuming there was a 2:00 ferry is the only way I can make the rest of the facts fit]

* 3rd ferry (3:00): 6) JVJ (who had lost over an hour at the Detour)

* 4th ferry (4:00): 7) Andre/Damon, 8) Dennis/Andrew, and 9) Teri/Ian (you can see a 4:00 sign for the next ferry as A/D and D/A get their tickets)

* 5th ferry (7:00): Tramel/Talicia

As Andre/Damon are heading toward their ferry, they see Flo/Zach heading the other way -- which shows that F/Z and the others on the 1:00 took the 3:00 ferry coming back. (This makes sense since they couldn’t have done the next task and made the 2:00 return ferry.) And in this interview, Tramel/Talicia say they saw the gang that was on the 4:00 ferry getting off as they were getting on, which (along with other facts) puts them on the 7:00 outward boat.

This map shows where the ferries land and the location of Chankanab Park. Teams take taxis there -- about a 15-minute / $10 ride -- where they find a Roadblock. Hint: “That person should be ready for the swim of a lifetime.” Full clue: “Enter the dolphin pen from the marked platform and search for a clue hidden under the water.” They must don flippers and a mask. This map of the grounds shows the dolphin pen.

Teams arrive and take the Roadblock as follows:

1) Aaron / ARIANNE
2) Flo / ZACH
3) HEATHER / Eve
4) MICHAEL / Kathy
5) KEN / Gerard
6) JOHN VITO / Jill
7) Andre / DAMON
8) Teri / IAN
9) Dennis / ANDREW
10) TRAMEL / Talicia (after sunset, which was at 7:16)

Final clue: “Return to your cars and drive yourselves to the next pit stop: The Diamante K Bungalows in Tulum. The last team to check in will be eliminated.” Phil says that it’s a 57 mile drive -- but the maps make it look closer to 40, and judging from the arrival times at the mat, it looks like it takes an hour or less to get there. In any event, teams must first take a 45-minute ferry ride back to the mainland:

* 1st ferry (3:00): 1) Flo/Zach, 2) Aaron/Arianne, 3) Heave, 4) Michael/Kathy

* 2nd ferry (4:00): 5) Ken/Gerard

* 3rd ferry (5:00): 6) JVJ

* 4th ferry (6:00): 7) Andre/Damon, 8) Dennis/Andrew, and 9) Teri/Ian

* 5th ferry (10:00): Tramel/Talicia (they say in that interview that they took the last ferry back -- and spent some time enjoying Cozumel while they waited -- and the schedule shows it at 10:00pm)

The teams drive their jeeps from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, and reach the pit stop as follows:

1) Derek/Drew at 3:18pm
2) Aaron/Arianne at 4:43
3) Heave at 4:44
4) Michael/Kathy at 4:45
5) Flo/Zach at 4:49
6) Ken/Gerard at 6:02
7) JVJ at 6:52 (sunset was at 7:17)
8) Andre/Damon at 7:45
9) Dennis/Andrew at 7:46
10) Teri/Ian at 7:47
11) Tramel/Talicia at about midnight, and they are eliminated from the race
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strategery wrote:11) Derek/Drew at 4:37
12) Gina/Sylvia at 4:40 (per the above interview), and they are eliminated from the race

If ever there was a reason for early NELs, this is it, peoples.

ETA: You're right about the Indian reservation at the start of TAR3. Miccocukee something-or-rather is listed in the special thanks.

Strategery wrote:Matanuska Glacier

Strategery wrote:Hana Bay

I thought the first episode of Treasure Hunters looked familiar.
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Miccocukee something-or-rather is listed in the special thanks.

Ah, very nice -- I never thought of looking there for timeline help. Moving (slowly) along:


Tulum, Mexico to Stonehaven, Scotland

Saturday August 17, 2002

After an extended pit stop, the teams depart from the Diamante K bungalows as follows:

1) Derek/Drew at 3:18am
2) Aaron/Arianne at 4:43
3) Heave at 4:44
4) Michael/Kathy at 4:45
5) Flo/Zach at 4:49
6) Ken/Gerard at 6:02
7) JVJ at 6:52
8) Andre/Damon at 7:45
9) Dennis/Andrew at 7:46
10) Teri/Ian at 7:47

First clue: “Tally ho! It’s time to cross the pond. So fly to England . . . You have $440 for this leg of the race.” Additional info: “As you fly to England, make your first exit out of Mexico from Mexico City.” It’s roughly 80 miles / 90 minutes from Tulum to the Cancun airport (map); all teams drive the jeeps they used in the previous leg.

Phil adds that when they get to England, they’ll have to make their way to Cambridge and find a local business named Scudamore’s. But notably, no racer ever says this part – and thanks to theschnauzers (post) we know that they actually had to go to Potter’s Field in London (site of a TAR7 pit stop) first.

Teams arrive at the airport in about the same order as above, and make flight arrangements as follows (to minimize the airport madness, the teams are grouped in order of their departure time from Cancun):

1) Derek/Drew are shown departing Cancun at 7:00am. Mexicana flight #340 departs at 7:00am and arrives at 9:20am. Then they are shown departing for Miami on American at 11:15; AA #2198 departs Mexico City at 11:10am and arrives in Miami at about 3:00pm. They probably change to British Airways #206 departing at 4:50pm and arriving at 6:35am (per a contemporaneous BA schedule). They are shown arriving in London at 6:35.

2) Aaron/Arianne and Michael/Kathy decide to ditch fellow twin-hunters Heave and Flo/Zach, and are shown departing Cancun at 7:56am. I couldn’t find an exact match, but Mexicana has many morning flights -- and that departure time would put them into Mexico City at about 10:20am.

They are shown departing Mexico City for Miami at 2:25pm. The closest match I could find is Mexicana #313 (departs at 1:55pm in 2004); with a 2:25 departure time, they would have arrived at about 6:30pm. Although they mention connecting to an American flight, they are shown at a BA counter in Miami (where they are bumped up to business class), and they get off a BA plane at Heathrow (LHR). British Airways #208 departs Miami at 7:25pm -- consistent with the 40 minute layover noted on the show -- and was scheduled to arrive at LHR at 10:10am, 5 minutes before their time stamp of 10:15.

3) Ken/Gerard, JVJ, and Andre/Damon all took a 10:25 am flight to Mexico City -- but only Ken/Gerard had confirmed seats on their connecting flights, through Paris. The teams are shown at a Mexicana counter, and Mexicana flight #370 departs at 10:20 and arrives at 12:40.

From there, Ken/Gerard probably take AeroMexico #5, departing Mexico City at 2:25pm and arriving in Paris CDG at about 8:30am; from there they may have changed to Air France #1370 departing at 10:00am and arriving (with one-hour time change) at 10:15am. Bald Snark are shown arriving in London at 10:20am.

JVJ reach Heathrow at 5:35pm, while Andre/Damon arrive at 5:47 -- so obviously they didn’t make the same flights as Ken/Gerard. Perhaps JVJ end up on Air France# 439, departing Mexico City at 8:50pm and arriving in Paris at 2:15pm; changing to BA #319 departing at 5:20pm and arriving at 5:25pm. As for Andre/Damon -- who knows what flights they took or via what cities.

4) Heather/Eve and Flo/Zach decided to stay back in Cancún and book flights all the way through to London before departing. They end up arranging flights to London via Paris, and depart Cancún at 11:05 am. AeroMexico #7018 (code-share, probably with Mexicana #718) departs at 11:05am and arrives at 1:10pm.

I’m guessing they ended up on the same flight to Paris as Ken/Gerard -- it looks like the only direct option. But then they must have taken a later flight to London -- maybe BA #307 departing at 10:35am and arriving at 11:00am. (In Cancun, they note that K/G got the last seats for a 10:00am arrival.) They are shown arriving in London at 11:10am.

5) Teri/Ian depart for Mexico City at 11:55am -- maybe on AeroMexico #576 (departs 11:35am and arrives 2:00pm). They are shown traveling via Paris and reaching London at 6:30pm. Perhaps they were on the same Air France flight to Paris as JVJ, and then ended up on BA #323, departing Paris at 6:10pm and arriving London at 6:30pm.

6) Finally, we have Dennis/Andrew. Per this interview, they ended up on a flight departing Cancun at about 8:00pm. According to this post from Andrew, the main reason for their late departure was that they got screwed over by Heave who “bought 16 tickets on 4 different flights and even maxed out their credit card” in what was arguably a rules violation. By the time they got to Mexico City, they'd missed all of the outbound options for that night.

In any event, they are shown arriving in London on Monday at 9:45am. Working backwards, American #56 departs Miami at 8:00pm and arrives London Heathrow at 9:45am. (They are shown at an AA counter in Cancun, even though AA has no flights from there to Mexico City.) From Cancun to Mexico City they probably took AeroMexico #586 departing at 8:40pm and arriving at 11:05pm. A couple of AA flights could get them to Miami the next morning (a 3 hour flight plus a 1 hour time change).

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Sunday, August 18 2002

So to recap, the teams arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport as follows:

1) Derek/Drew at 6:35am
2) Aaron/Arianne at 10:15
2) Michael/Kathy at 10:15
4) Ken/Gerard at 10:20
5) Flo/Zach at 11:10
5) Heave at 11:10
7) JVJ at 5:35pm
8) Andre/Damon at 5:47pm
9) Teri/Ian at 6:30pm
10) [ahem]

Team head first to Potters Field Park (map), which is adjacent to Tower Bridge and across the Thames from the Tower of London (and not far from London Bridge station). It’s about 20 miles but takes about an hour by taxi, the Underground, or train.

From there they must make their way by train to Cambridge (Jill notes this to their cabbie). Per this schedule, trains leave from King’s Cross or Liverpool St. stations. Per this map, Liverpool St. is closer, but trains from King’s Cross are faster (45-60 minutes vice 75-85). The trains depart about every half hour, and Cambridge is about 55 miles north of London. Ken/Gerard say something about “1303” -- perhaps that’s their train time.

When they arrive at Scudamore’s, the next clue is a Detour: Punt or Bike? Phil explains that the teams have two ways of getting to clues dangling below Magdalen Bridge. In Punt, they do just that 1 mile up the river Cam. In Bike they ride a tandem bike and travel more quickly, but must follow a marked route through town that’s about 6 miles long. Here’s a nice map of Cambridge; Scudamore’s main boat house is near Silver St. The teams arrive as follows:

1) Derek/Drew
2) Ken/Gerard
3) Michael/Kathy
4) Aaron/Arianne
5) Flo/Zach (arriving just as Aaron/Arianne are leaving)
6) Heave
7) JVJ (arriving at 9:10pm)
8) Andre/Damon (arriving at 10:15pm)
9) Teri/Ian
10) [ahem]

All teams except Aaron/Arianne initially choose Punt, but Flo/Zach have trouble and quickly switch to Bike as well. It appears there are no hours of operation for this task. The teams finish in about the same order (though Heave arrives just ahead of Flo/Zach). Derek/Drew finish at about 12:30pm while Aaron/Arianne finish at about 7:00pm -- they say they are going to run to catch the first bus -- meaning that the D/D took about 6 hours from plane-landing to Detour completion, A/A and M/K took about 9 hours, and JVJ took about 4 hours.

Next clue: “Make your way to [Parker’s Piece in] Cambridge and catch [one of three] charter buses to Aberdeen, Scotland. The charter buses will leave at 7:30, 10:00, and 1:30.” It’s about a mile to Parker’s Piece; all teams walk there, except for Heave who (legally this time) take a cab.

Teams take the buses as follows:

7:30 bus: Derek/Drew, Ken/Gerard, Aaron/Arianne, Michael/Kathy, Heave, Flo/Zach (with all teams arriving by 7:16).

10:00 bus: JVJ. [Seems a bit suspicious that they made it, but I’d bet they finished the task before 9:50 -- and thus their “10 minutes” left comment was made when they were closer to the bus; in any event, they are shown reaching the bus at 9:59.]

1:30 bus: Andre/Damon, Teri/Ian.

The drive is about 500 miles, via Glasgow (Phil says it’s “more than 350” miles but that’s more like the distance as the crow flies). The first bus arrives after sunrise, probably around 10:00am. (MapQuest is now showing much faster drive times than they did when I first saw this episode in 2005 -- about 8 hours, rather than 11; Google Maps still says it’s about 12 hours.) In this TARflies interview, Ken says it was a 15-hour drive and that the bus made a lot of stops.

Monday, August 19 2002

As noted above, Dennis/Andrew land at 9:45am. They immediately go for the Fast Forward. Per Phil, they must find Duxford Imperial War Museum in Cambridge and drive a tank through a battlefield obstacle course in less than 90 seconds.

Dennis completes the task on the first try (in 75 seconds) and they get this clue: “Go directly to the next pit stop: The Chapel at Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, Scotland. The last team to check in will be eliminated.” To get there, they are given a chauffeur-driven limousine (but appear to change cars at some point). It’s a 470 mile/8-12 hour [?] trip.

Upon arrival in Aberdeen, the other teams must take a taxi to Stonehaven and find the next clue box in a highland field -- about a 15 mile/25-30 minute trip. When they reach it, the clue is a Roadblock. Hint: “That person should be feeling a bit gamey.”

Phil explains that the chosen team member must “answer me these questions three” . . . er, I mean they must complete 3 traditional Scottish events from the Highland Games: a caber toss; a hammer throw; and a shot put. Team arrive and take the Roadblock as follows:

1) HEATHER / Eve (2:0)
2) DEREK / Drew (1:0)
3) KEN / Gerard (2:0)
4) AARON / Arianne (1:1)
5) Flo / ZACH (0:2)
6) MICHAEL / Kathy (2:0)
7) Jon Vito / JILL (1:1)
8) TERI / Ian (1:1)
9) ANDRE / Damon (1:1)

Teams finish in nearly the same order, though Heave falls to 4th (which Heather attributes to being “too strong” for the hammer throw task). The next clue reads: “Check in at the next pit stop: The Chapel at Dunnottar Castle. You must exit this field at the marked fence post. Warning: The last team to check in will be eliminated.” The teams finish (with gaps corresponding to the differences in bus departure times) as follows:

1) Derek/Drew at 10:56am
2) Ken/Gerard at 10:58
3) Flo/Zach at 10:59
4) Aaron/Arianne at 11:00
5) Heave at 11:01
6) Michael/Kathy at 11:13
7) JVJ at 1:59pm
8) Andre/Damon at 5:26
9) Teri/Ian at 5:28
10) Dennis/Andrew, at about midnight*, and they are eliminated from the race

* In the above interview and post, Andrew indicates that they finished 3-4 hours behind. But he also says they arrived about an hour before JVJ were heading out to start the next leg; given that, the distance they had to travel, and the darkness when they arrived (sunset was at 8:40pm, twlight until 9:24), I think midnight is a more reasonable estimate.
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Postby The Australian on Fri Jan 26, 2007 8:39 pm

strategery, the airport drama in this leg is - along with the Sao Paulo-Cape Town journey in TAR2 - my absolute favourite, and one of things I desperately miss in later TAR seasons.

I seem to remember that, as per an Insider video, JVJ and Andre/Damon ended up in Madrid on their way to London, where some strike or other disruption delayed their flights to Heathrow by several hours. I can't remember whether they wound up on the same Madrid-London flight, but Andre & Damon were set back again by the fact that they caught the Underground to Potter's Field which broke down, whereas we see JVJ in a cab.
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Postby strategery on Mon Jan 29, 2007 5:10 pm

I seem to remember that, as per an Insider video, JVJ and Andre/Damon ended up in Madrid on their way to London

Excellent! And believe it or not, the video is still posted (here). (I have also been neglecting those videos; unfortunately the usual case is that they add nothing.) The quality is a bit crappy, but key info can still be gleaned:

* Both teams are shown at an Iberia counter in Madrid.

* The flight both teams were supposed to be on was "closed" (by which I think they mean they didn't arrive far enough in advance of the departure time to be allowed to board)

* Jill says they made a later flight at either 2:45 or 3:45 (I can't quite make it out).

* Damon (I think) says they ended up on the "third flight" to London, which put them "3 hours behind."

Piecing that together with Airwise flight info from August 2005 yields the following:

* There were two direct flights from Mexico City to Madrid: 1) AeroMexico #642 departing at 7:20pm and arriving at 12:30pm the next day; and 2) Iberia #6402 departing at 9:05pm and arriving at 2:35pm the next day.

* As for the Madrid to London, there were flights at 1:45 (Iberia #3176 arriving at 3:05), 3:15 (Iberia #3172 arriving at 4:35) and 4:30 (Iberia #3166 arriving at 5:50).

My guess would be that they were both on the earlier flight to Madrid, didn't make the 1:45, and ended up on the 2nd and 3rd flights to London. That would be consistent with Damon's comment about ending up 3 hours behind -- and with Andre/Damon's arrival time at Heathrow.

What still doesn't make sense is how JVJ and Andre/Damon could have ended up on different flights to London, but arrived so close together. In any event, thanks again The Australian for solving a mystery.
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Postby theamazingracer on Sat Feb 03, 2007 11:40 pm

With the charter buses, I'd be willing to bet that they would only be leaving if there was at least one team was on them (the last bus in particular - if TerIan or FireCop missed it, they wouldn't be able to finish the leg). But JVJ weren't told that they were the only team and ran just in case. Maybe the time stamps were fudged so as to not confuse the viewers.
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Stonehaven, Scotland to Lisbon, Portugal

Monday August 19, 2002

The teams depart from Dunnator Castle as follows:

1) Derek/Drew at 10:56pm
2) Ken/Gerard at 10:58
3) Flo/Zach at 10:59
4) Aaron/Arianne at 11:00
5) Heave at 11:01
6) Michael/Kathy at 11:13

Tuesday August 20, 2002

7) JVJ at 1:59am
8) Andre/Damon at 5:26
9) Teri/Ian at 5:28

First clue: “To find out what’s in store for you next, walk to the Stonehaven harbor and look for a message in a bottle. You have $150 for this leg of the race.” It’s a walk of about 1.5 miles; Derek/Drew and Ken/Gerard miss the shortcut and arrive in 4th and 5th. When they get there, the teams find a “100 billion bottles washed up on the shore” . . . er, I mean they find several wine bottles hanging by a string off of the dock, and they get this clue: “Your next destination can be found on the label of this bottle.” It reads:

Calem Port Lodge
Vila Nova da Gata
Avenida Diogo Leite 26
4400-111 Vila Novo da Gata

More info about Calem is here. To get there (as Teri notes dryly) team have to fly to the city of Porto (also known as Oporto, with airport symbol OPO) -- but first they must take a taxi about 25 miles to Aberdeen airport. From there to Porto (via London) is a journey of about 1,250 miles.

The first 7 teams catch the same flight to London, departing Aberdeen early in the morning but after sunrise (which occurred at 5:42am). Possibly they take British Airways #1301, which departs at 6:40am and arrives at 8:10am. Andre/Damon and Teri/Ian catch the same 10:00am flight to London. Per the 2003 schedule, BA #1305 departs Aberdeen at 9:40am and arrives Heathrow at 11:10am.

From there, all teams except Derek/Drew and Ken/Gerard take a direct flight to Porto (possibly TAP-Portugal #385), departing at about 2:10pm and arriving at 4:15pm. The Band of Brothers, however, decide to risk it on a connection through Cologne. They depart London at 10:50am (on British Airways, it appears – but I can’t find a matching flight) and arrive in Cologne at 1:05pm. Then they barely make a Lufthansa flight departing at about 1:35pm and arriving in Porto at about 3:50pm (no luck there either).

Upon arrival, all teams take taxis to Calem Port Lodge -- which, per this map, is located on the southern bank of the Douro River near the bridge shown (bottom central) in yellow, about 10 miles from the airport. They arrive as follows:

1) Ken/Gerard
2) Derek/Drew
3) Aaron/Arianne
(the order of the next 5 is a bit unclear and in any event they are all close together; possibly the clock above the entrance reads 4:45 as one of them enters)
4) Teri/Ian
5) Flo/Zach
6) Andre/Damon
7) JVJ
8) Heave
9) and a fair bit later, due to a clueless cabbie, Michael/Kathy

The next clue is a Detour: Old School or New School? [Blech, name-wise.] Phil says the teams must choose between two ways of delivering port wine to local restaurants. In Old School, they must take one barrel of port weighing over 90 pounds, carry it onto a nearby boat, and (with the help of two oarsmen) row the boat across the Douro River. Then they must deliver the barrel to the nearby O Muro restaurant (address: Muro do Bacalhoeiros 87-88; review).

In New School, teams must load 6 cases of port onto a pick-up truck, then drive the truck through the narrow streets of Porto and deliver two cases each to the following three restaurants:

1) Chez Lapin [House of Rabbit?]
Address: Rua dos Canastreiros, 40-42
Info and review here; info, directions, and photo here.

2) Retiro dos Carvalhos [no luck on info]

3) Majestic Café
Address: Rua Santa Catarina, 112.
According to that web site, J.K. Rowling composed parts of the first Harry Potter book in the café. More info is here.

Along with a map [I think], the racers are given the following additional information (which Damon/Andre overlook): “You may deliver to the first two restaurants in whichever order you choose, but you must deliver to the Majestic Café last” because they have the next clue.

Chez Lapin is located near Praca da Ribeira [River Square?], which can be seen on this map (along with Rua Santa Catarina running North-South upper right, and the nearby Sao Bento train station). In this satellite image, Calem Port Lodge is somewhere along the southern bank of the river (MapQuest shows the street given in the above address as being right there along the river bank, but it is otherwise useless); also, you can see the boats used in Old School at the dock. Chez Lapin is probably near the sidewalk umbrellas top center, while the O Muro restaurant is on the street that runs along the northern river bank just west/left of those umbrellas.

Ken/Gerard, Derek/Drew, Aaron/Arianne, Teri/Ian, and Michael/Kathy choose Old School, while Flo/Zach, Andre/Damon, JVJ, and Heave choose New School. It appears that Old School is the faster option, and the teams finish as follows:

1) Derek/Drew
2) Ken/Gerard
3) Aaron/Arianne
4) Teri/Ian
5) JVJ
6) Michael/Kathy
7) Andre/Damon
8) Flo/Zach
9) Heave (after Eve struggles driving the stick-shift truck)

Next clue: “Now that you’ve delivered your port, deliver yourselves to Gate F of the Estadio do Rostelo complex in Lisbon. You must travel to Lisbon by train, arriving by train at the Santa Apolonia station. . . . [When you get there, find] training field 3. Hours of operation: 8:00am to 2:00am.” Estadio do Rostelo has hosted, among other things, a Pearl Jam concert -- and (bringing everything full circle) one web site indicates that The Police played there in 1980.

Teams make their way a short distance to Sao Bento station in Porto. There they discover that the next train does not depart until 7:10pm -- and all teams make that train. Per this post, there were supposed to be earlier trains but one was cancelled and another one was delayed. [ETA: Per Ken's post linked below, the train was delayed about 3 hours.]The current schedule shows direct trains at 4:20 [hard to see how any team would have made that one], 5:30, 6:20, and 7:30, but they take only 4 hours; there’s also one slower itinerary (departing at 4:45) that involves changing trains half way to Lisbon and takes 6 hours.

It also looks like teams first had to take a short ride from Sao Bento to the main Porto station (Campanha). This post quotes Ken [ETA: Source is here, under Episode 4] as saying that they arrived in Lisbon at about 1:00am (which roughly fits the mat arrival times). The train trip is about 200 miles.

Ken has also posted that the Fast Foward for this leg was located in the train station and involved some sort of puzzle -- they stumbled upon it and were doing it for fun when TPTB told them to stop. No eligible teams take the Fast Forward.

Wednesday August 21, 2002

Teams arrive at Santa Apolonia station (about 1km east of central Lisbon; map) and take taxis to the stadium. This map of Lisbon shows the stadium (and upcoming pit stop). A map of the stadium grounds and photos of Field 3 are here.

The next clue they find is a Roadblock. Hint: “That person should have long arms and fast feet.” Full clue: The chosen racer must block one penalty shot, kicked by a teenaged Lisbon soccer player. If multiple teams are trying, they must take turns in goal -- and it looks like there are two goals being used. The teams arrive and take the Roadblock as follows:

1) KEN / Gerard (3:0)
2) Flo / ZACH (0:3)
3) MICHAEL / Kathy (3:0)
4) JOHN VITO / Jill (2:1)
5) Derek / DREW (1:1)
6) HEATHER / Eve (3:0)
7) Andre / DAMON (1:2)
8) Teri / IAN (1:2)
9) Aaron / ARIANNE, who were delayed by a failed taxi shortcut (1:2)

The teams complete the task in the following order:

1) Michael/Kathy
2) Ken/Gerard
3) Andre/Damon
4) Derek/Drew
5) JVJ
6) Flo/Zach
7) Heave [ahem]
8) Teri/Ian
9) Aaron/Arianne

After careful review (and consistent with Miss Alli’s take and the clue with “train” repeated in it above), I believe the last clue reads redundantly as follows: “Congratulations -- that was a World Cup performance. Now you must walk to the pit stop: Torre de Belem in Lisbon. Note: You must walk to the pit stop. The last team to check in will be eliminated.” For those who choose to follow the directions, it’s about a 1.5 mile walk (satellite image; Torre de Belem is at the water’s edge, bottom center). The teams arrive as follows:

1) Heave at 2:23am* [and oh what a beautiful asterisk that is]
2) Ken/Gerard at 2:29am
3) Flo/Zach at 2:31
4) Derek/Drew at 2:32
5) Andre/Damon at 2:33
6) Teri/Ian at 2:34
7) JVJ at 2:36
8) Michael/Kathy at 2:40
9) Aaron/Arianne at 2:54, but they are not eliminated because . . .

* Per Phil, the gap between first and last was 31 minutes. Heave -- graduates of Harvard Law School, the self-described “world’s premier center for legal education” -- of course took a taxi, then walked inside Torre de Belem. Phil tells them they gained “at least seven minutes” and thus received a 37 minute penalty -- dropping them into last place and eliminating them from the race! My guess is that the “time gained” part of the penalty was based on the fact that Heave finished the Roadblock after Flo/Zach (who cruised home), but arrived 8 minutes ahead of them.
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Postby theamazingracer on Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:10 pm

Really? It had "You must WALK to the Pit Stop" written TWICE?!

And to think that these two were almost picked for All-Stars.
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Lisbon, Portugal to Fez, Morocco

Wednesday August 21, 2002

The teams depart from Torre de Belem as follows:

1) Ken/Gerard at 2:29pm
2) Flo/Zach at 2:31
3) Derek/Drew at 2:32
4) Andre/Damon at 2:33
5) Teri/Ian at 2:34
6) JVJ at 2:36
7) Michael/Kathy at 2:40
8) Aaron/Arianne at 2:54

First clue: “Find the westernmost point of continental Europe. You have $500 for this leg of the race.” That’s right -- it’s a real clue, and Phil says teams must “figger out” that they have to get to Cabo da Roca, 22 miles to the west. Ken/Gerard, Derek/Drew, and (followers) Andre/Damon decide to take a train from Santa Apolonia station, while Flo/Zach take a train from closer Belem station.

They are headed toward Cascais station, from which it’s about a 5-6 mile taxi ride to Cabo. Per the schedule here, the trains leave from Belem about every 20 minutes and take about 35 minutes (even with a quick change of trains half way). But there are no trains to Cascais from Santa Apolonia (system map), so the expanded Band of Brothers must have made another connection or backtracked (which explains their late arrival). The remaining teams take taxis (though Teri/Ian also go initially to the Belem station); it’s about a 35 minute drive. The teams arrive as follows:

1) Aaron/Arianne
2) JVJ
3) Flo/Zach (whose train arrives at 3:30)
4) Michael/Kathy
5) Teri/Ian
6) Ken/Gerard (whose train reaches Cascais at 4:00)
7) Andre/Damon
8) Derek/Drew

There (satellite image) they find a Detour: Ropes or Slopes? In Ropes, Phil explains that the teams will be driven in a “shuttle bus” (actually a jeep) to the top of the Ursa cliffs, and then must rappel 300 feet down to the Atlantic shore. Additional info: “Up to 2 teams may rappel at the same time.” In Slopes, teams have to walk down a path to the beach, and that . . . could take a long time (at least 30 minutes per a couple of sites).

All teams initially choose Ropes, but Flo/Zach famously switch to Slopes. Teams finish Ropes in the same order they arrived, while Flo/Zach fall to 5th, just ahead of donut-loving Ken/Gerard. Per Miss Alli’s analysis, this indicates that Slopes took only about 20 minutes longer than Ropes (which presumably included the usual safety briefing). All teams then had to climb back up -- taking another 30 minutes or so.

Next clue: “Choose a marked car and drive yourselves to the Marine Port in Algeciras, Spain. Book passage on a ferry [info] to the city of Tangier, Morocco.” Phil says it’s 250 miles away, but per Google Maps it’s actually a 410-mile drive and takes about 9 hours (map). On an insider video, JVJ say they left Cabo at about 6:00pm (indicating that it took about 2 hours to complete the Detour and climb back up) and that it was a 10-hour drive. All teams depart before sunset, which was at about 8:30pm.

Along the way Aaron/Ariane, Michael/Kathy, Teri/Ian and Flo/Zach put unleaded fuel in their vehicles -- not noticing that they require DIESEL -- and all break down as a result. Aaron/Ariane, Teri/Ian, and Flo/Zach fix their cars (or get them fixed) during the night. Flo/Zach go to a Galp gas station for help.

Meanwhile, Michael/Kathy break down in front of a 4-star hotel and decide to spend the night there. Per this post by The Australian, they went to the hotel to change money after getting gas. I think the sign says Hotel Andalusi Park, which is just off the highway west of Seville (i.e., on the way) and is described here. (ETA: In this satellite image, the hotel is bottom center and that could be a gas station across the highway, top center.) In this interview, Michael says the hotel staff told them there were no options until the morning.

No information is available (yet) about the Fast Forward for this leg (which no team took); the clue was given in Lisbon, as can be seen when Derek/Drew open their first clue.

Thursday August 22, 2002

Teams arrive at the ferry terminal as follows:

1) Andre/Damon (at about 3:00 am)
2) JVJ (at 4:00am give or take)
3) Ken/Gerard
4) Derek/Drew
5) Flo Zach (at 7:54am)
6) Teri/Ian (at about the same time)
7) Aaron/Arianne
8) Michael/Kathy (much later, after towing their car and eating breakfast)

Per this interview, Michael/Kathy didn’t have their car looked at until 9:00am. And if I’m right about their hotel, they still had a 3-hour drive to Algeciras -- so they couldn’t have reached the port much before 1:00pm.

The first 4 teams catch the first ferry to Tangier at 7:00am, while Flo/Zach and Teri/Ian catch the 8:00. Per a shot of the schedule board, I think the next ferry leaves at 8:30, and they run on the hour after that. Aaron/Arianne just miss a ferry, and as they are getting their tickets at the EuroFerrys counter, there’s a sign that reads 9:00 -- so that’s probably the one they ended up on. Per this site, it’s a 2.5 hour trip across the Straits of Gibraltar to Tangier.

Upon arrival, the teams get this clue: “Take a taxi to Viajes Flandria travel agency and sign up for one of three charter buses to Fez. Hurry -- seats are first come, first served.” Phil says the charters depart one hour apart with the first one leaving at 10:15, and they can hold only 3 teams at a time. The address of Viajes Flandria is 7 Avenue Mohamed V; here’s a satellite image of Tangier showing that street, which looks to be about a mile from the ferry dock.

Unfortunately for JVJ, their cabbie is a bit slow so they miss the first charter bus. The teams arrive and sign up as follows:

10:15 bus: Derek/Drew, Ken/Gerard, and Andre/Damon

11:15 bus: JVJ, Flo/Zach, and Teri/Ian

12:15 bus: Aaron/Arianne

[ahem]: Michael/Kathy

Here’s a nice road map of Morocco; I found conflicting info about the distance from Tangier to Fez -- one site said 130 miles, another said 190 miles (maybe the former is the distance as the crow flies). From the mat arrival times I’d guess this was at least a 4 hour trip.

Upon arrival in Fez teams find a clue that is a Roadblock. Hint: “That person should have a keen sense of direction and a not-so-keen sense of smell.” Phil explains that they must find a tannery and search among 25 large vats (photo) filled with animal hides for their next clue -- and that the clues are hidden in only 3 of the vats. Teams arrive and take the Roadblock as follows:

1) Ken / GERARD (3:1)
2) Andre / DAMON (2:2)
3) DEREK / Drew (2:1)
4) JOHN VITO / Jill (3:1)
5) Teri / IAN (1:3)
6) Flo / ZACH (0:4)
7) AARON / Arianne (2:2)
8) [ahem]

Wikipedia says it is uncertain whether Michael or Kathy did the Roadblock or skipped the task, but the CBS web site confirms that they did NOT do it. The remaining teams are heading to [spoken] Darbard Dbagh Chorora [?] (there's a shot of the entrance that says Dar Dbagh). The map of Fez here shows the location of the tanneries (a small blue square upper right) as well as the upcoming pit stop.

Teams finish in basically the same order, except that Teri/Ian move up to 4th. Next clue: “Choose a marked car located in . . . and drive yourselves to the next pit stop: The rooftop of the Borj Nord. The last team to check in will be eliminated.” The teams arrive:

1) Ken/Gerard at 4:31pm, and they each win a Kodak EasyShare camera [whoopee!]
2) Andre/Damon at 4:37
3) Derek/Drew at 4:44
4) JVJ at 5:24
4) Flo/Zach (tied)
6) Teri/Ian at 5:28
7) Aaron/Arianne at 7:04*
8) Michael/Kathy, well after sunset, and they are eliminated from the race**

* In this interview, its says Aaron/Arianne got a 70-minute penalty for taking a cab after their car broke down. But that doesn’t fit -- they hit the mat at about sunset, which was at 6:58, and their departure time on the next leg is shown as 7:04am. It also says that the already-eliminated Heather and Eve were given the same 70-minute penalty, so go figure.

** I’m guessing they wouldn’t have told M/K to head to the pit stop until all the other teams had checked in. So either they ended up so far behind on the ferries that they didn’t get to Fez until after 7:00pm -- possibly missing the hours of operation at the tannery, as Ken has suggested -- or perhaps they were “done” once they missed the last charter bus. They couldn’t have reached Tangier before 3:30pm, in which case they might not have made it to Fez until 8:00.
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1) Ken/Gerard at 4:31pm, and they each win a Kodak EasyShare camera [whoopee!]

You owe me a new keyboard.

I'm already doing the two Australia legs of TAR4, but since half of the final leg takes place in Australia, can I do that timeline as well?
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Fez, Morocco to Marrakech, Morocco

Friday August 23, 2002

The teams depart from Borj Nord as follows:

1) Ken/Gerard at 4:31am
2) Andre/Damon at 4:37
3) Derek/Drew at 4:44
4) JVJ at 5:24
4) Flo/Zach (tied)
6) Teri/Ian at 5:28
7) Aaron/Arianne at 7:04

First clue: “Drive yourselves to the Hussan II Mosque in Casablanca. You have $50 for this leg of the race.” Phil says it’s a drive of 150 miles but that appears to be Phil’s default distance for this season; per this site (click on “Distancias”) it’s more like 290km/180 miles. Shortly after departure, JVJ’s Toyota van breaks down and they must get a replacement vehicle -- costing them about an hour.

Teams arrive in Casablanca in basically the same order, except that JVJ falls to 6th. The racers are told they cannot run on the Mosque grounds. This satellite image shows the mosque at the water’s edge at left (the train station is the white bubble farthest right); both can also be seen on this map. The next clue tells them to find a man named Ugarte in Rick’s Café and purchase two exits visas back to Lisbon and . . . sigh . . . it actually reads: “Make your way into the desert to the Palmeraie,” which is on the outskirts of Marrakech. Teams must take a train (about 150 miles -- really!), then a taxi to the Palmeraie Resort [mispelled by CBS]and “Golf Palace.”

At the mosque teams also receive the clue for finding the Fast Forward: “Go to the flagged carpet shop and search for the carpet with the Fast Forward emblem woven into it.” The shop is located at the Jemaa El Fna market in Marrakech (which, as we’ll see, is also the site of the upcoming Roadblock); this map shows the market in the old section of Marrakech. Teri/Ian decide to go for the Fast Forward, and JVJ and Flo/Zach play “rock, paper, scissors” to decide which team will also go for it (Jill wins, with her scissors cutting Flo’s paper).

Ken/Gerard, Derek/Drew and Andre/Damon catch a train departing at 9:10am and arriving at about 12:30pm. Flo/Zach just miss that one and end up on the next train departing at 11:10am and arriving at about 2:30pm; Teri/Ian and JVJ also make that train (with JVJ reaching the train station right at 11:00). Aaron/Arianne just miss that train and end up on the 1:10pm train, which arrives at about 4:30pm. The current train schedule is about the same as it was then, with trains departing every two hours shortly past the hour. Which one is the Marrakesh Express, I do not know.

Upon arrival, teams take taxis to the Palmeraie or the carpet shop. This nice map -- which is sideways; that is, north is left and east is up -- shows the train station (Gare), the Palmeraie, and the Jemaa El Fna market. Teri/Ian are the first to arrive at the carpet shop; JVJ arrive soon thereafter, and the teams race through several stacks of carpets. Teri/Ian win the Fast Forward and are told to check in at the rooftop of the Riad Catalina (address, which the racers are also given: 21, Derb Abdellah Ben Hssaine, Bab Laksour). Per the “Access Map” on that site, it’s not very far from the market -- perhaps ½ mile. JVJ then heads to the Palmeraie, as do Aaron/Arianne once they arrive and discover that the Fast Forward has already been taken.

At the Palmeraie, the next clue teams get is a Detour: Now You See It / Now You Don’t. In Now You See It, Phil says the teams must choose a pair of horses, ride to a visible route marker, and dig for clues hidden in the sand; specifically, they must dig in a marked square and are looking for a “ceramic pot and lid” that contains their next clue. In Now You Don’t, teams choose a sand bike/ATV and drive along a marked course to a stone that is farther away; when they find it they must make a rubbing of the clue, which is carved into the stone.

Ken/Gerard arrive first and initially choose Now You Don’t, but quickly switch. But then after digging in the sand fruitlessly for some time, they switch back (and have to ride their horses back to the clue box to do so). All other teams choose Now You Don’t. Derek/Drew and Andre/Damon have some trouble following the course. Ken/Gerard finish just as Flo/Zach arrive, indicating that they took two hours to complete the task; per this TARFlies interview, Ken/Gerard thought they had missed part of the clue and did Now You Don’t twice -- which they say added about ½ hour. The teams finish as follows:

1) Andre/Damon
2) Derek/Drew
3) Ken/Gerard
4) Flo/Zach
5) JVJ
6) Aaron/Arianne

For either detour option, the next clue the racers get reads: “GLACIER [several lines in arabic]. Hours of operation: 4:45pm to midnight.” The teams must get the clue translated; it tells them to go to the Glacier Café, which (per this site) is located on the roof of the Hotel CTM, overlooking Jemaa El Fna market. Here are some pictures from the rooftop; in this satellite image, I think the café is at the bottom of the square (and the carpet shop is off to the right). Flo/Zach have to wait about 15 minutes for a taxi, and JVJ catch up to them as they leave the Palmeraie.

Andre/Damon are first to arrive at the Glacier Café at 2:35pm, and all teams except Aaron/Arianne make it there before the café opens. The next clue is a Roadblock. The hint is not revealed. Phil explains that the task is to team up with a local food vendor, help assemble his stall, and sell 5 bowls of escargot for 5 Dirhams each (about 50 cents). Teams take the task and complete it in the following order:

1) ANDRE / Damon (3:2), finishing at about 5:00 (per a clock at the café)
2) John Vito / JILL (3:2)
3) Ken / GERARD (3:2)
4) DEREK / Drew (3:1)
5) FLO / Zach (1:4)
6) AARON / Arianne (3:2)

Final clue: “Collect your partner and check in at the pit stop: The rooftop of the Riad Catalina. The last team to check in will be eliminated.” Teams are given the address. It seems walkable -- in this satellite image, the Riad may be the green square upper left -- but would have been hard to find, and all teams eventually take a taxi. Unfortunately for Andre/Damon, they end up being dropped off well out of town and detained by a local official -- costing them about 1.5 hours altogether. The teams check in as follows:

1) Teri/Ian at 3:25pm, and they each win a Kodak Easy Share camera
2) Flo/Zach at 5:19, and they each win 2 Kodak Easy Shares [kidding!]
3) Ken/Gerard at 5:20
4) Derek/Drew at 5:27
5) JVJ at 5:32
6) Andre/Damon at 7:04 (right about sunset)
7) Aaron/Arianne between 8:00 and 8:30*, and they are eliminated from the race

* In this interview, Aaron states that they finished less than an hour behind Andre/Damon. But as I argued in this post, there was very little light in the sky when they arrived at the Roadblock (probably after civil twilight, which occurred at 7:32) and it was fully dark when they checked in (nautical twilight was at 8:02). Also, the other teams took at least 35 minutes to do the Roadblock and reach to the pit stop. So I’d bet they arrived closer to 8:30 than to 8:00.
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I believe that this was the Pit Stop hotel for your next leg.
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Postby strategery on Fri May 18, 2007 12:29 am

Aaaaand we’re back. Sorry for the long hiatus -- darned real life. Should be back on schedule now.

ETA: Many thanks to Paris in Spring a.k.a. Chateau d' If for finding the pit stop and figuring out the actual arrival times there (link).


Marrakech, Morocco to Fussen, Germany

Sunday August 25, 2002

After an extended pit stop, the teams depart from the rooftop of the Riad Catalina hotel as follows:

1) Teri/Ian at 3:25am
2) Flo/Zach at 5:19
3) Ken/Gerard at 5:20
4) Derek/Drew at 5:27
5) JVJ at 5:32
6) Andre/Damon at 7:04

First clue: “Fly to Munich Germany and find Kasperle at the Friedensengel. You have $1 for this leg of the race.” Per Phil, this is a journey of more than 1,500 miles [correct, as the crow flies], which begins with . . . a taxi to the nearby Menara Airport (map).

Terry and Ian are able to catch a 6:00am Royal Air Maroc flight (AT #938) to Zurich, probably arriving at about 10:30am; they connect to a flight to Munich (probably Lufthansa #1921) that must depart at about 4:30pm and which is shown landing at 5:30. But all other teams encounter problems getting flights at the Marrakech airport. Flo/Zach, Ken/Gerard, Derek/Drew, and JVJ fly to Casablanca on Royal Air Maroc (AT 400), departing at 6:45 and arriving at 7:45. Andre/Damon end up taking a taxi to Casablanca, departing at about 8:00am and probably arriving at about 10:30am (all the other teams are still there). [One wonders if they would have gotten a penalty, since technically they didn’t fly all the way to Munich.]

Ken/Gerard, Derek/Drew, and JVJ end up on an 11:45am Air France flight to Paris (#2197 departs at that time and arrives CDG at 4:50pm); they connect to a flight (probably Air France #2522) that must depart at about 6:20pm and is shown arriving in Munich at 8:00pm. Flo/Zach take a 3:00pm Lufthansa flight heading to Frankfurt (probably LH #4043), arriving at about 7:30pm; they connect to a flight to Munich (probably LH #986, which departed at about 9:30pm) and are shown arriving at 10:30pm.

Andre/Damon wind up on Air France #2497 to Paris, departing at 3:05pm and arriving at about 8:00pm. Unfortunately they can’t get tickets for their Lufthansa connection (probably LH #4255 departing at about 9:20pm -- they said they had about an hour layover -- and arriving at about 11:00). Instead, they end up on a flight (LH #1925) departing Paris at 6:45am the following day and arriving in Munich at 8:20am.

Upon arrival, all teams take a train from the airport into Munich (system map). Teri/Ian are shown getting off at a nearby stop (maybe Max Weber Platz), and are first to reach the next clue, handed to them by Kasperle the puppet. This map of Munich shows the Friedensengel at the far right, just above the “K” (the main train station is far left). The clue reads: “Guess what? Kasperle is originally from Austria, so get yourselves to Innsbruck . . .” and find the Annasaule or St. Anna’s Column (info; nice photo). “Note: You must travel from Munich to Innsbruck by train.”

All teams take taxis back to the Munich train station. The train ride is about 100 miles (which is a lot more than 60, Phil); per this map, it’s a short walk from the Innsbruck train station to the clue box. Teri and Ian perhaps catch a 9:00pm train (it’s quite dark as they board and sunset was at about 8:00pm), arriving at about 11:00. The Band of Bothers and JVJ are shown catching an 11:40pm train, which is still on the schedule and arrives at about 1:30am.

Monday August 26, 2002

Meanwhile, Flo/Zach are getting their clue from Kasperle, which also includes this information: “To claim the Fast Forward, find the dude who is surfing the Eisbach” river and get his attention. (The river is located in the park that is top right on the Munich map above.) The task opens at 7:00am. Flo/Zach sleep a few hours at the Hotel Monachia (per this site, the McBed option it offers is “a special scheme for the young traveler on a low budget” -- heh). It is located near the train station, and they arrive there at about 1:30am.

When the other teams reach the Annasaule, their next clue is a Detour: Sled or Skate? In Sled, teams must go to the Olympic bobsled track and ride along with a team down the cement track. The task is “first come, first served,” there are two bobsleds available, and the time to reset them is up to 20 minutes. The track is located in the town of Igls, just south of Innsbruck. This cool map shows Igls in relation to Innsbruck (and also the upcoming gondolas) but the view is reversed -- i.e., it’s shown from the north. This street map shows the “Bobbahn” bottom right.

In Skate, teams go to an Olympic ice rink and run a skating relay with a pair of professional skaters. The shots from inside the skating rink match this picture of the main Olympic Ice Stadium (info and map); it’s actually much closer to the train station than the bobsled track. Hours of operation for both tasks: 8:00am to 7:30pm.

Teams reach the clue box at the Annasule as follows:

1) Teri/Ian (probably still Sunday)
2) Ken/Gerard
2) Derek/Drew
2) JVJ
5) Andre/Damon

All teams beside Andre/Damon [ahem] choose Sled and make their way to the bobsled track, where they get a number that determines their order of departure in the morning. K/G, D/D, and JVJ are in transit at 1:45am. The teams arrive and pull numbers (which appear to be printed on hand-cut slips of paper) as follows:

1) Teri/Ian
2) Derek/Drew
3) Ken/Gerard
4) JVJ

After sunrise, Flo/Zach find the surfer, win the Fast Forward, and get this clue: “Go directly to the next pit stop: Schloss Bullachberg in Fussen Germany,” which is just below the Neuchwanstein Castle (the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle). It’s a drive of about 80 miles / 1:40 (directions), assuming you know where you’re going.

Meanwhile, the other teams complete the Detour in the same order they started, and get this clue: “Get yourselves to the Seegrube Station at the Gondola Nordkette. Hours of operation: 8:00am to 5:00pm.” Per this map, it’s on the other (north) side of Innsbruck. Per this site, the gondolas run every 15 minutes.

The teams take taxis there; Teri/Ian and Derek/Drew make the first gondola while Ken/Gerard and JVJ appear to make the next one. When they reach the Seegrube Station, teams pull a number and find a Roadblock. Hint: “That person should welcome a chance to dangle for a while.” The task is to put on safety gear, ride out in another gondola, and get lowered 230 feet to the next clue box below. (This gondola is heading up to Hafelekar.) All 4 Roadblockers make the same gondola, and start and complete the task in the same order as follows:

1) TERI / Ian (2:3)
2) Derek / DREW (3:2)
3) John Vito / JILL (3:3)
4) Ken / GERARD (3:3)

Final clue: “Go directly to the next pit stop: Schloss Bullachberg in Fussen Germany,” about 70 miles away (directions). To get there, teams must ride back down the gondola and drive themselves in a provided car. All teams make the same gondola back down.

Along the way, Ken/Gerard get a flat tire; per this TARFlies interview, it took them at least an hour to get it fixed -- and it looks like this mishap cost them about 2 hours altogether. Meanwhile, Andre/Damon experience misfortune of their own: They fall asleep on their train to Innsbruck, miss the stop, and end up having to go to Salzburg to turn around -- possibly the train conductor's watch reads 6:00 as they are discussing how to get back to Innsbruck. (I can’t seem to find a train that goes from Munich to Salzburg via Innsbruck, however; they all involve a change of trains in Innsbruck.) When they get back to the Annasaule -- late in the day but still in daylight -- they get the mercy clue: “Get yourselves to Schloss Bullachberg in Fussen Germany.”

The teams arrive as follows:

1) Flo/Zach at 9:02am*
2) Derek/Drew at 11:44
3) JVJ at 11:45
4) Teri/Ian at 11:53
5) Ken/Gerard at 1:42pm
6) Andre/Damon, close to sunset (which occurred at about 8:00pm), and they are eliminated from the race -- but not before giving Phil back the $1 they got for the leg.

* At the start of the next leg, Phil does not use the standard “depart 12 hours later” line. Per the analysis by Paris/Chateau, all arrival times have been moved forward 1 hour and the teams thus had an unexplained 13-hour pit stop in Fussen.
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Good work. And at least someone's keeping their work up here.
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