The ATC Report

"In Control" Vol. XV, No. 4

Steve & Dave's disclaimer: Right. It seems as though we may have gone a bit overboard with the language this week. That, and our incessant complaining about some of the things that occurred this episode, have led to a rather unique "first" for this column. We guess that this is the first time ever this column has actually been rejected for posting on TARflies. Oh sure, we've been edited many times in the past. We've had huge chunks of our columns ripped out by heartless editors who think they are protecting you, our reader (singular), from the filth and foul that we sometimes spew. Then there have been times when some of our gags have been ruled too "tasteless" by these same editors and have been removed as well.

But never before have we had an entire column nixed. Honestly, we're kind of impressed with ourselves. We finally found out where that "line" is that we have been attempting to cross all these years. Of course now that we know where it is, you should probably be expecting a whole lot more of these disclaimers. We can't help ourselves, honestly. It's kind of like an obsession with us. Once we find out just how far authority will let us go, we keep attempting to push it a little further. We've found that if you do it in tiny little bits, pretty soon the line has been moved so far away from where it once stood that you can't even SEE the original line anymore.

It's kind of like sex and television. Years ago, a "married" couple couldn't even be seen in the same bed together on a television show (think Lucy and Ricky, Rob and Laura, etc.). Nowadays, not only do the married couples get to be shown in the same bed, but they are also sometimes even with the people they're supposedly married to! But that just opens up a whole new subject of morality on TV these days, and we don't really want to have to print another disclaimer if we offend someone by talking about sex on television. To be totally honest, we've never really been big supporters of sex on television anyhow. It's rather uncomfortable and we keep slipping off.

But here we are again. Another column and another disclaimer that is longer than the rest of the column. And this time we didn't even use that many pictures. But this one isn't our fault. Well, the disclaimer being longer than the column is our fault. We tend to get a little wordy at times. But the need for a disclaimer to begin with isn't our fault! Oh wait. We can see how some might possibly think it really is. If we hadn't been so derogatory in the original column, the column wouldn't have been rejected. If the column hadn't been rejected, we wouldn't be writing this disclaimer. Hmmmmm. Maybe it IS our fault.

But at least we know where the line is now.