The ATC Report

"In Control" Vol. XIV, No. 7

This leg the race went to Thailand.
Phuket was the town where they'd land.
They had to beware,
(say the name with some care)
Or by the network the show would be banned.

The racers called it Foo-ket. Perhaps you say it differently.

On arrival all the racers but two,
headed off to the famed Phuket Zoo.
Being last to arrive,
after a lengthy drive,
Mel and Mike wish that they'd gone there too.

Statues of apes? Old news. Crap-throwing monkeys? Now that's just plain funny.

Phil said that Luke's mom was bionic.
In five seconds she was catatonic.
As she quickly passed out,
Luke started to shout.
He thought she had plague (bubonic).

Bring out your dead!

Mark and Michael took a penalty twice,
missing directions that were quite precise.
It cost them a bit,
but then they got hit,
‘cause Michael was playing "not nice".

Other famous cheaters

We thought Mel and Mike were a lock
for top three. And then we took stock
‘cause we don't feel sad,
since they've always had
The residuals from "School of Rock"

The Race now is off for a week.
The awards show next Sunday looks bleak.
We also won't write
(to your likely delight)
Since this limerick column was weak.

A preview of NEXT Sunday's episode.

We're sorry this column did suck, it
is a trend we find hard to buck. It
is tough to think new,
every week, it is true,
so this week we've just said "Oh Phuket".