Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 10

It is a good thing that they show all of the teams in the beginning because I already forgot who John Vito and Jill were. This race has been going on a long time.

I liked when Dustin and Kandice said they were going to act like wild animals fighting for food. I wonder what kind of wild animals they would be. I think they would make great lionesses.

Mirna said people think she is supposed to treat Charla in a special way. Good thing they don't think she is supposed to treat her in a bad way.

It must stink to be Eric and Danielle and get yielded twice in the same season. I wonder if they did sneaky stuff like the Weavers and that is why the other teams don't like them.

It is too bad they didn't make the racers bungee jump off of the observation deck because that would have been really scary even though I would have still done it.

Mirna must have a really big backpack because she even brought along fancy clothes and jewelry. Does she think she is in a movie?

It was funny when Kandice asked the guy if she needed to keep her clothes on. I wonder if she still would have jumped if he said you have to go naked.

It was funny when Kandice asked the guy if she needed to keep her clothes on. I wonder if she still would have jumped if he said you have to go naked.

The walk around the building is pretty cool. I wonder what would happen if one of them tripped and fell off the side. Would they dangle there like a puppet until someone saved them?

Why is Dustin crying? Maybe she really wanted to do this roadblock and Kandice wouldn't let her. Kandice kind of looks like the bully anyways.

When Oswald and Kandice did the walk around the weather was all beautiful. When Charla did it it looked like a big storm was coming in to blow her off the building.

It looked like Eric said that Danny and Oswald were pieces of s_ _ t. They let people say the A and B words on TV and I think those are even worse than the S word.

I liked the cute little singing puppies in the commercial way better than what songs the racers listen to on their iPods that they can't even bring on the race.

The editors are funny because it makes it look like Oswald is going to hit the roof as he drops. He looks like a spider dropping down from his web.

I would do the dragon detour because I really like dragons and I think it would be cool to carry a dragon head around on the street. Making noodles is boring. I could do that at home if I wanted to.

The Beauty Queens are going to do the noodles? That's lame. Then again the easier tasks have been quicker this race.

Ride 'em up cowboy! Kandice makes the pole look like fun to bounce on.

Poor Oswald and Danny are having so many problems. Well at least they know where the end of their detour is. Their taxi driver stinks!

Charla is up on the table with her dirty shoes. I wonder what the noodle guys think about that since Chinese people don't like it when you wear shoes inside. I sure wouldn't want to eat those noodles now.

The BQ's are funny when they said the cars looked like Barbie cars because the BQ's look like Barbies to me.

Eric finally is getting smart and using his money to follow a taxi since he is marked for elimination.

Yeah, the Beauty Queens are first! The $45 dollars they paid to Oswald and Danny sure was worth two wave runners.

Eric and Danielle really made up some time coming in second. The next 30 minutes are going to be so long for them. I wonder what will happen if it is another non-elimination. Would they have 60 minutes the next time?

Poor Oswald and Danny look like they want Phil to eliminate them so they can just stop racing and go home. I wonder what made them want to give up?