The ATC Report

"In Control" - Vol. XI, No. 9

It really bugs us when The Amazing Race tries to become another show. For instance - recently there have been ‘gross food eating' challenges, ala Fear Factor. Unknown to most viewers, last season CBS experimented in the early legs with having the last three teams to arrive sit down with Phil for a 'Q&A' session. At the end of the session, Phil would pick one of the three teams and announce, "You're eliminated" (in the manner of Donald Trump and The Apprentice). Fortunately, the producers decided against it and the show was edited to reflect the normal eliminations.

So what do we get this episode? We get all the racers talking about 'karma', as if The Amazing Race had suddenly become NBC's 'My Name Is Earl'. Then again, maybe...

CharlaRandy and MirnaEarl's NEW cast picture

Now when the producers want to have us hear a lengthy lecture about 'Yield Karma', we can also see hilarity ensue as MirnaEarl expounds on her (his) views on karma while the ever-dopey CharlaRandy tags along and does...stupid...stuff.

Then again, it was the beauty queens who actually invoked the 'bad karma' by daring to use the Yield. So maybe it should be the beauty queens who now have to repay karma by doing good things.

DustinEarl and KandiceRandy's new cast picture

Steve and Dave are somewhat disturbed that they are still slightly turned on by the above photo. Perhaps we'll just go back to CharlaRandy and MirnaEarl. Maybe the beauty queens are better suited for this role...

DustinCrabman and KandiceJoy's NEW & IMPROVED cast picture

We're still slightly turned on by the above picture, but now we're only 50% as disturbed as before. But anyhow, here's what we're talking about. In the picture below, we see MirnaEarl and CharlaRandy plotting which team to cross off of their "list" next...

OK, we admit it. This has been a really strange column, and we've pretty much written ourselves into a corner. We have nowhere to go from here. But we're in a bit of a dilemma here. You see, when we include pictures in our column, miri has to edit it. Next week, she's on vacation and has already laid down the ‘no pictures' edict. So, we had to include lots of pictures this week, just so she remembers why it's good to get vacations from shmucks like us.

And whatever will we do next week? A whole column without pictures? We doubt we can do it.

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