Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All – Episode 5

I like that, in Vietnam, you can only get airline tickets at a travel agency. This way, teams have to think on their own to get the best flights and they can't just copy each other.

The Cho brothers thought they were funny pretending to use a fake phone but it ended up helping Peter because it gave him the idea to really call ahead and get tickets. I bet they were sorry when they found out their joke backfired on them.

Kimberly and Rob should have asked the travel agent if they could pay her more money to get the tickets earlier. They probably only have enough money to pay a bike rider.

I like how Peter and Sarah have joined up with the Beauty Queens since they both are sneaky. They better be careful because one of them could end up tricking the other one.

Why are the Cho brothers telling Peter their flight information? Even though they want to be helpful they better start keeping stuff like this to themselves or they could end up losing over it.

I would do the Wild Things detour because it would be fun to wrestle with a crocodile. The rice painting looks very hard, plus, I would be afraid the wind would blow the rice around.
I'm sure some of the other Racers would like to see Peter eaten by one of the crocodiles.
Peter is going to end up with no friends on the Race if he keeps on being sneaky and mean. I'm sure some of the other Racers would like to see Peter eaten by one of the crocodiles.

I like how they show Peter always eating when Sarah is yelling at him. It is like he doesn't even care enough to stop eating to listen to her.

It was funny how Kimberly thought the cow was homeless. By the end of this leg, she probably thought a whole barn of them must have escaped. I'm sure she has no clue that they are Hindu and let their cows hang out.

I can't drive so I guess they wouldn't let me do this Roadblock. This is probably for the best since I would turn the road into a bumper car ride.

I would rather have Phil take my stuff away then get a 30 minute penalty since 30 minutes is a reaaaaaaallllllllllly long time.

I'm really happy it was a non-elimination leg. I wasn't ready for Dave and Mary to go yet.