Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All – Episode 1

My pre-show favorites are the Korean brothers, the guys with beards, and the Indian couple.

My favorite part of the first episode is when the teams arrive at the starting point. Flying in sea planes is so awesome. I think it is even cooler than the water taxis we came in on. I thought the trucks were kind of stupid last season.

During the meet-the-teams part I couldn't believe that guy said mean things about his girlfriend, or the dad about his daughter when they were sitting right there. I think the boyfriend and girlfriend are going to be my new Mojo.
Tom and Terry look like Mario and Luigi from my Super Mario Brothers game. They even look small enough to fit in my Game Boy.
Tom and Terry look like Mario and Luigi from my Super Mario Brothers game. They even look small enough to fit in my Game Boy.

I wonder what surprise Phil is talking about. Maybe they are going to give away more valuable prizes.

Why do they always have that monkey in the introduction? They must really love that monkey.

Even I knew that Thrifty was a car rental place. If the car rental place doesn't have enough money they make them keep their cars far away which probably messed up a lot of teams.

Even though the Cho brothers are my favorite team, I thought it was stupid to bring water guns to the airport. You could get arrested and thrown in jail for that. They don't mess around with stuff like that anymore.

It is only leg one and teams are already talking smack. I think I am really going to like this season.

I want to eat fish eyes. They look really cool. I wonder if they are crunchy.

I can't believe that taxi driver in Beijing didn't know where the Forbidden City is. That is like a taxi driver in Washington D.C. not knowing where the White House is.

How can Phil eliminate Bilal and Sa'eed already? They didn't even get a chance to do a detour. I can't believe some of the other teams were crying. What did they know them, like, one day?

I would have done the build-a-sidewalk detour. That dance looks like it might be really hard.

Why didn't Vipul and Arti get a map of Beijing when they were at the airport? Don't teams know by now that the best thing you can spend your money on is a good map?

I think it is funny how Mario and Luigi are going to do the dance since they are boys.

I can't believe they get to scale the Great Wall of China to get to the Pitstop. Why didn't we get to do cool stuff like that?

Peter should go up the rope first so Sarah can focus and take her time instead of being rushed. She isn't even 5 feet off the ground and is already scared and tired. She should just use her arms to climb the rope.

Lyn and Karlyn remind me of the Bowling Moms trying to climb that rope. It looks like it is going to take them a really long time.

I like how Mary hugged the Greeter at the Pitstop. Usually, the teams just hug Phil so she must have been really excited to hug the Greeter too. My Mom and Dad really like this team. I don't know how I feel about them yet.

I'm glad Arti and Vipul were able to climb the wall before they got eliminated. I was afraid Phil was going to come down and eliminate them before they got a chance to climb it.

Two of my favorite teams were eliminated already. At least the Cho brothers are still in it.